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Featured New York City Hotel
 Hotel Mela
 120 West 44th Street
 Phone: 1-877-452-6352
 Price Points:  High
 Website:  Hotel Mela

Featured New York City Shopping
 The Greenmarket at Union Square
 17th Street at Broadway
 Phone: n/a
 Price Points: Moderate
 Website:  Greenmarket

Featured New York City Nightlife
 113th Ludlow Street
 Phone: 212-625-0981
 Price Points: Moderate
 Website: Mehanata

Featured Gallery in NYC
 821 Park Avenue
 Phone: 212-796-1228
 Price Points:   Moderate
 Website:  Gagosian

Featured Place For Singles in NYC
 101 Rivington Street
 Phone:  212-228-0027
Price Points: Moderate
Website:  Spitzers

In and Around NYC
 Cape  May Zoo
 Cape May, N.J.
 Phone:  609-465-5271
 Price Points: Free
 Website:  Cape May Zoo

It,s Unique
 Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center
 Cape May, N.J.
 Phone: 609-898-0055
 Price Points: Moderate
 Website:  Cape May Whale Watch
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Featured New York City Restaurant
 Keens Steakhouse
 72 West 36th Street
 Phone: 1-212-947-3636
 Price Points: High
 Website: Keens Steakhouse

     New York City Stats
         for 5 Boroughs
    Population Estimates

 Manhattan    - 1,700,000
  Bronx           - 1,500,000
   Brooklyn       - 2,600,000
    Queens         - 2,300,000
     Staten Island - 500,000
Mayor Bill de Blasio
Manhattan Borough President
              Gale Brewer

Brooklyn Borough President
                Eric L. Adams

Bronx Borough President
               Ruben Diaz Jr.

Queens Borough President
               Melinda Katz

Staten Island Borough President
               James S. Oddo

       Historic Landmarks

    Empire State Building
             Built 1931

         Brooklyn Bridge
              built  1883

        Intrepid Museum
          Founded 1982

           Central Park
           Opened 1857

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