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                 New York City Surrounding Airports

         Traveling to and from New York City is easily accessible with three major airports within close proximity.  The IATA acronyms for the three airports are as follows: John F Kennedy Airport(JFK), LaGuardia Airport(LGA) and Newark Airport(EWR). Both JFK and EWR primarily serve International and Domestic flights while LGA serves basically Domestic flights in the United States and limited flights to Canada.  JFK and LGA are located in Queens and EWR is located in Newark, NJ.  Each airport is easily accessible by bus, taxi and train service.
Newark Airport  - Opened in October 1, 1928 it served as the first major airport in the 
 New York Metro area and up until 1939 was the busiest commercial airport in the world. Not known by many but during World WAR II the field closed to commercial aviation while it was taken over by the United States Army for logistic operations. Newark Airport borders between Newark and Elizabeth New Jersey. It Is only 14 miles from Lower Manhattan.  Approximately 40 million passenger utilize the airport every year. A major  airline hub for United Airlines for passenger traffic and FedEx and Kalta cargo.
   Newark Airport
  General info: 973-961-6000
  Parking info: 888-397-4636

​JFK - Opened in 1948 the airport was commonly known as Idlewild Airport until 1963 when it was renamed John F. Kennedy in memory of the 35th President of the United States. Also known as JFK Airport is a major airport in the borough of Queens in New York City. It is the base hub for JetBlue Airways and is a major international hub for at least 25 airlines. Located only 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan travel is expected longer 
   JFK International Airport
  General info: 718-244-4444
  Parking info: 718-244-4168

LaGuardia      Originally named North Beach Airport the name was changed to
  "La Guardia Airport" for Fiorello La Guardia the mayor of New York City at   the time. The airport is located in the northern part of Queens and borders East Elmhurst, Astoria and Jackson Heights. It is the hub for Delta and a major hub for American Airlines.
   La Guardia Airport
   General info:    718-533-3400
   Parking info:    347-468-3927  
New York City Airlines
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